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 Nursery  0 - 5 years old   

It is our heart to see all children experience the love of the Father.  We create an atmosphere where little ones can worship and get into the presence, experience his love and teach them about prayer.


 Children's Ministry 6 - 11 years old  

We love to have fun with Holy Spirit! Training a child in the way they should go is what we believe.  Our classroom is a place where children learn about Jesus, hear Holy Spirit and grow in the Word of God.


These fire catchers/releasers are being equipped to build a lasting relationship with our Father and take their God given authority.  Learning to operate in spiritual gifts, declare and decree, teaching others about the love of Jesus and more.

Ignite Youth  12 - 17 years old 

It is our heart that the youth would be strong in their faith by establishing and building a strong relationship with God the Father.  We believe imparting biblical principles will help guide them in life as they prepare to be adults. They will be awaken to destiny and know their God given identity… nothing will stand in their way.

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